Elsie Hogfat

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Lunch at Seven Day Road



Colourful lunch.

1.1.2013 lunch

Tasmanian Salmon, Turkey eggs, Tamarillo, some avocado and half a maya lemon. Pepper and salt.


How lovely the winter fruits tamarillo, and persimmon.

Chestnut and Green Tea Ice Cream

O. M. G.

Ingredients: Chestnuts, Green Tea with just-like-sugar (reduced), Cream

Elsie Hogfat’s Chatter Platter.

lchf chatter platter 2

lchf chatter platter

A pretty lunch.

Eat me!

Goose egg, gluten free wrap, flat-leaf parsley from the garden.  Breakfast was avocado with garlic, shallot, fresh lime (thank you Marie and the Apple Tree) in the wrap with smoked chilli, salt and pepper.