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Chilli and yellow plum sauce.

Chilli sauce we made a few days ago putting chopped onion with butter to soften in a pan, adding chilli and over-ripe cherry tomatoes and simmering down with some red wine that needed something done with it.  This is how I cook.  I look around and see what is there.  Once the small pot of chilli sauce was made and cooled I spooned it into little cupcake paper pans.  There won’t be any cupcakes anymore, so it’s good to use them up.  Then, once frozen, they can all be stored in a big plastic box with a lid, in the freezer ready to be taken out whenever there is a need for chilli sauce.   This is better than jars.  With jars, there is almost always sugar involved.

To make the chilli and yellow plum sauce I heated one of these little serves of chilli sauce in a pan.  It melted quickly.  Then I took the soft flesh of the plum and  mashed into it the teaspoon or two of chilli sauce.  No need to heat the fruit.  There is some sugar in a plum, of course, but this was a small yellow plum, and served two only moments after being a fresh plump living fruit, so I think the little bit of sugar earned its keep.  Not so a commercial sauce of plum which is mostly sugar.



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Zesty & Well Preserved

You may already know my feelings about orange juice.

However, orange zest is another matter entirely, and preserved lemon is a good idea too.

I read about Hesperidin.   May be the reason people got the mistaken idea that orange juice is so very good for you.

So, this little chemical is found in the zest and membranes, more than in the juice, so,  no need to drink the juice.

Perhaps we can find a sour tangello, old kind, that might be preserved as well as lemons.

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Smoked salmon salad platter

Just imagine that, rather than saucily spread all over the plate, the homemade mayonnaise is sitting up nicely in a dollop.  Smoked salmon, snow peas, a baby carrot, chives, cucumber, cherry tomato and babyel cheese.


Smoked salmon, jarlsberg, asparagus and chives omelette.

In the pan (above) and on the plate (below)…

Mushroom & Cheese Omelette with Asparagus Spears

Mushroom & Cheese Omelette, Asparagus.