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Elsie Hogfat’s Lemon & Lime Cheesecake

The base: Equal parts butter and coconut flour to make a thin pastry base.

(You can add small pieces of butter to a bowl of flour if you like, or you can introduce flour to your butter on a big board if you prefer.  Add more or less butter or flour until you have a reasonably manageable pastry with which to make a base.)

This only needs a few minutes in the oven to become beautifully golden.

Allow to cool down to room temperature before adding the filling.

The filling: 2 x 250 grams philadephia cheese, juice of six lemons with 2 or 3 tablespoons of just like sugar.  Blended until shiny and smooth.

Decoration: Fresh passionfruit from the alleyway.

Serve with:  whipped cream


Hazelnut & Lavender Ice Cream

Here is another delicious Mr Snowie creation.

Cream: 600ml of Bannister Downs whipping cream

Hazelnuts: lagom (it’s Swedish for enough)… seriously I don’t know how many hazelnuts, maybe a handful or two.

You can soak these overnight and reduce their phytic acid content.  I do.

Then these were strained, and toasted in a pan with a big pat of butter.   In a mortar and pestle, I break up the nuts a bit, so they’re odd shapes and sizes but not crushed.

Lavender: big handful picked fresh from the garden and smashed in a mortar and pestle

Egg: 4 -6 eggs (yolks only) and raw, so you will need to mention this in case there anyone is pregnant and avoiding raw eggs

Other: Vanilla and a splash of cointreu

Sweetening: You could use a tablespoon or two, or three of sugar.

I use a tablespoon of  “Just Like Sugar” (chicory) which I mix with citrus juice, in this case half a tangello

Mr Snowie the ice-cream maker does the rest.  This was good.  As good as the persimmon ice cream.

Everyone loved this but it didn’t beat the truffle ice cream.

Nothing ever will.

Chocolate, coconut, macadamia slice.

Rough up your macadamia nuts with a pestle so they are no bigger than halves,

with plenty of smaller chunks but not too much crush.

Arrange in a long thin rectangular metal baking dish – I used an old metal ice tray base.

You could use any vessel really, but this works well.

Melt equal parts 85% chocolate and butter and 100% coconut (creamed)

In that order, plus splash of vanilla

Pour over nuts to cover the nuts.  Chill.  Snap into pieces.


Nuts about you.

Today the amazing creamed coconut arrived from Nuilife people, fair trade and organic.  Also some coconut flour to try.

Homemade Mayonnaise


*smug face*


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