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At the Vancouver Cafe, Albany.


Yabbie Salad…


Q. What do you call a little shellfish sitting on its own on a rock?

Q. Abalonely

Luckily, there were a dozen, not just one..

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Raspberry and Coconut Fudge


1. coconut fat

2. raspberries


1.  melt

2.  blend

3.   set

Stovetop chicken and vegetable curry.

This stovetop curry featured free range chicken breast, carrots and mushrooms browned  in butter.    Towards the end I added fresh ginger and garlic smashed in a mortar and pestle.  No need to peel the ginger, and the garlic skins are easy to extract that way.   Tumeric and garam masala, and a little more butter were added before the small quantity of home made pork bone broth stock with additional flavours of bay leaf and cinnamon.  I added a leftover roast potato sliced fine, and just before serving I added crumbled non-salty fetta and fresh spinach.

Not pictured: The amazingly delicious Coconut and Raspberry Fudge.

This fudge looked adorable and had two ingredients; raspberries fresh from the garden, and pure coconut fat.  I melted the coconut fat in a pan, added it to the raspberries in a bowl and whizzied it together with a hand-held (stick) blender.  Then I poured the mixture into cupcake papers in small dishes and set it in the fridge for an hour or so.

Red wine cellar.

Elsie Hogfat Cafe: 08.12.2010


Free range chicken thighs baked in olive oil and butter with ginger and jalapeno.

Coleslaw: finely sliced cabbage, celery and spring onions; grated red and green capsicum.

Homemade mayonnaise:  egg yolk, olive oil, black pepper and lemon juice.