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Lunch at Seven Day Road



Colourful lunch.

1.1.2013 lunch

Tasmanian Salmon, Turkey eggs, Tamarillo, some avocado and half a maya lemon. Pepper and salt.

Chestnut and Green Tea Ice Cream

O. M. G.

Ingredients: Chestnuts, Green Tea with just-like-sugar (reduced), Cream

Elsie Hogfat’s Chatter Platter.

lchf chatter platter 2

lchf chatter platter

A pretty lunch.

Eat me!

Goose egg, gluten free wrap, flat-leaf parsley from the garden.  Breakfast was avocado with garlic, shallot, fresh lime (thank you Marie and the Apple Tree) in the wrap with smoked chilli, salt and pepper.


Mr Snowie’s lchf vanilla ice-cream with lchf caramel sauce

Ice cream: 6 eggs, a cup of Just Like Sugar, 2 vanilla beans and zest and juice of three bright tangellos, and 800mls of Bannister Downs cream.

I separated the eggs, reserving the yolks to add later, and using the stick blender to blend the 3/4 cup Just like Sugar, egg whites, tangello zest and vanilla beans into a fluffy liquid that I gently cooked using a double boiler (just a stainless steel bowl in a saucepan of simmering water) stirring constantly.

I whipped the cream in another bowl until it was dessert style whipped cream fluffiness.

I added the yolks and cream to the mixture and whipped some more before putting into the freezer for a few hours.

The Caramel Sauce:

Just like Sugar with butter and prunes, stick blended, wonderful brown colour… and tangello juice … this is so yummy.

Now Mr Snowie is making the ice cream.  I hope it turns out well in terms of texture.