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Snowy mixes it up.

Look what I bought!   Snowy mixes it up.

Snowy is currently doing his thing in the kitchen, mixing up melted dark chocolate, egg yolks, cream and grated dark chocolate.  I have many other ideas too.  Including honey and macadamia; pistachio and rose;  ricotta and plum; blueberry and white costello; burnt fig and coffee.


Blue Cheese and Spinach Omlette

Blue Cheese and Spinach Omlette …. on a very pretty floral plate …. and here’s a bit of detail…

One brown plate … deserves another.

Here’s a brown plate from the seventies kitchen…

… and here’s another.  What was that in between?  Roasted marrow.  That’s from the fifties, and forties, and thirties, and twenties …

Brunch of Five.

A mushroom, a sausage, a silverbeet leaf, a poached egg and a tomato.

Perfectly Normal Breakfast, of Perfectly Normal Beast.

Strange what looks like a fine breakfast now…buttered cold  roast free range pork with silverbeet, lemon and pepper.  Before Elsie Hogfat taught me her way of eating, this breakfast would look more like lunch, and a lunch that was missing something (bread, of course) at that.  Now it looks like a Perfectly Normal Breakfast.

Douglas Adams described in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, a species of beast that “migrate across the Anhondo Plain on Lamuella twice a year (one direction in the spring then back again in the autumn).  The migration takes about 8 to 9 days during which time they form a solid mass. They appear from thin air at one end of the plain then disappear again at the other. They are called Perfectly Normal Beasts because naming them normalizes the event of their migration and keeps people from worrying about its cause”.

Quirkily enough, the traditional Lumuellan diet of Perfectly Normal Beast served plain is altered forever by the arrival of The Sandwich Maker…. could this be an allegory?

Red, white and blue.

This pretty blue and white plate is hosting breakfast this morning.  Trevligt!

Spinach and cheese omlette, and sardines with tomato sauce, served with a slice of lemon.

Mismatched plates.

Gold in my mouth this morning with a lucky find today at the place where Lentilla and Treasure volunteer.  Mismatched plates are perfect for my new photography hobby.  Get those batteries re-charged Lentilla, I’ve got dishes to photograph.