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Hazelnut & Lavender Ice Cream

Here is another delicious Mr Snowie creation.

Cream: 600ml of Bannister Downs whipping cream

Hazelnuts: lagom (it’s Swedish for enough)… seriously I don’t know how many hazelnuts, maybe a handful or two.

You can soak these overnight and reduce their phytic acid content.  I do.

Then these were strained, and toasted in a pan with a big pat of butter.   In a mortar and pestle, I break up the nuts a bit, so they’re odd shapes and sizes but not crushed.

Lavender: big handful picked fresh from the garden and smashed in a mortar and pestle

Egg: 4 -6 eggs (yolks only) and raw, so you will need to mention this in case there anyone is pregnant and avoiding raw eggs

Other: Vanilla and a splash of cointreu

Sweetening: You could use a tablespoon or two, or three of sugar.

I use a tablespoon of  “Just Like Sugar” (chicory) which I mix with citrus juice, in this case half a tangello

Mr Snowie the ice-cream maker does the rest.  This was good.  As good as the persimmon ice cream.

Everyone loved this but it didn’t beat the truffle ice cream.

Nothing ever will.


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