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Muffin in the sun.

Lentilla has been goading me for some time now about the Americans and their oopsies.  Oopsie this and oopsie that, covered in butter and a slice of ham and yes it does do a reasonable impression of a ham sandwich.  I’ve always resisted the lure of substitution.  Initially  I had assumed that a few months of sensible eating and Lentilla would be right as rain and able to have a little bit of bread or honey without consequences.  Not so.

And then, all that measuring.  I can’t be measuring.  I am not the measuring sort.

Yesterday I was making Persimmon Ice Cream and experimenting to see just how many raw egg yolks I might be able to cram into a serve*.   And finding myself with rather a lot of egg whites on my hands.    I don’t use egg whites raw as they will rob an important vitamin called biotin, so that rules out sorbets, which are in any case not particularly palatable unless sweetened.  What to do with them?  Lentilla sensed my indecision and siezed upon the moment to campaign for muffins.

Yes, those flowers ARE nice, aren’t they?  Grevillia says Lentilla, and very popular with the local  honeyeaters. ..  But we’re here to look at MUFFINS.   I’ll just lift them up a bit shall I?

Oh dear.  That tray is none too clean.  Never mind.  Here they are up close;

And as fine a fake muffin as you have ever seen.  Now, I know what you’re wondering.  You’re wondering… but do they taste eggy?

I won’t lie to you.  They taste a little eggy, it’s true, but I’ve filled them with grated parmesan and mustard seeds and black pepper and various other savoury distractions and that is working quite well.  Lentilla has eaten six so far, so I count them as a success.    I don’t do recipes.**

* Plenty!  The golden persimmon colour and mysterious flavour goes very well with egg yolk and vanilla, I shall take a picture, later. I am enjoying Mr Snowie.

**The ingredients were 8 egg whites (whipped up), about 100g of grated parmesan cheese, mustard seeds, 8 brazil nuts smashed up with a mortar and pestle and a couple of tablespoons of fibre husk and a couple of tablespoons of melted butter.  Don’t blame me if it doesn’t work.


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