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Truffle Plater at Sju Dagar Trufflerie.

At Sju Dagar Trufflerie, Lentilla was about to pay $18 for a tiny little jar of truffle mustard and I suggested that we buy a small piece of truffle instead and make our own.   She liked that idea.  I shall keep you lovely readers informed.

Speaking of readers, who on earth are you all and were did you suddenly come from???   Have Lentilla and I been the subject of some kind of sordid expose in the gutter press of Teh Internet?    Do tell.   I usually approve comments unless they are obviously industrial produced spam.  Homemade spam I might even allow.  I haven’t decided yet and reserve the right to be fickle.

Anyway, speaking of fickle, here’s the truffle inspired platter… there we have some olive oil (oh, but it’s TRUFFLE olive oil), and some olives (oh but they are TRUFFLE olives), some dukkhah with hazelnuts (from the trees under which the TRUFFLES grow) and some butter (not just any old butter, this is TRUFFLE butter) … get the picture?  And this is the duck pate (oh but it is TRUFFLE duck pate);

Oh, did you notice the bread?

Sour dough.

If a resolution is worth breaking, it is worth breaking this good bread.


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