Elsie Hogfat

Lagom Food. Lagom Philosophy.

Just like Nana made.

Remind me please, Lentilla, next time!

If I get a technical problem and I keep trying to solve it using the same method, over and over?

It’s probably not going to work.

It’s fine to try a solution once or twice but your giddy aunt (me) has a few stubborn streaks, remind me to try a fresh look, please.

Or better still, won’t you help me more?

What have you been doing today while your great aunt has been attempting to ~upload~ this photo?  Earning a living?  Again?

Well, someone has to bring home the bacon…

And this dish was lovely.

Look how simple it is.

I made it thinking of your Nana B.  who I know would make you this kind of food and how pleasant it was for you.

She knew her onions.

If you had kept your health you could probably have eaten this in its original form with mashed potato but unfortunately for you, Lentilla, your metabolism has been ruined by all your years of vegetarian “healthy” whole-grain low fat foolishness, a fact that I am very sorry about because I see how hard you work to restore your health and how slow the progress is… but that is just a fact, and there’s no point crying over facts.  It is what it is.

You can still enjoy this meal, with mashed cauliflower instead.

And if you really wanted something green to adorn the plate, you could pick a sprig of parsley from the garden.


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