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Avocado, spring onion and cheese omlette

Now that Lentilla is no longer fat-phobic, every part of  a roast bird is precious.  Here is some duck liquor.  There is a delicious jelly that has settled overnight, and the clear golden fat on top.

This is the little bit that didn’t fit into the wide-mouthed glass jar.  All jars should be wide-mouthed.  Any other kind of jar is an insult to the customer.  But what can one do?  So, this little bit of duck liquor was available for breakfast today.  Also left over from the last night’s dinner (roast duck and fresh raw vegetable rice paper rolls) was some spring onion…

It’s a big day for Lentilla, so she needs a decent breakfast.  Fortunately, it is avocado season.

Here’s some cheese melting into a fluffy free range egg and cream batter..

Now, where are those spring onions?

It looks very pretty on the plate… but, as I said earlier, Lentilla has a big day ahead…

That’s more like it.

The green filling of avocado and spring onion matches the plate nicely.  But not for long…


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  Treasure wrote @

Submitted on 2011/04/14 at 9:17 am

Looks yummy. I have a bit of an aversion to the thought of warm avodaco though. Simmo once made a pasta dish of smoked salmon and avodado in a cream sauce for a dinner party. Everyone loved it but me – the warm avocado made me gag and so I’ve been too chicken to try it warm since. Boc, boc, bkark!

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