Elsie Hogfat

Lagom Food. Lagom Philosophy.


In an adventurous mood, Lentilla bought a tub of free range chicken livers, and aspired to make pate.  I was pleased, but she was daunted.  I waited a couple of days to see if she might attempt it before I offered to help, but she insisted on doing it her way.  And here it is, surprisingly good, 100% intuitive chicken liver pate. In the large heavy based saucepan, we melted lagom butter and added the chicken livers and sliced mushrooms. I did make a couple of suggestions…

and Juniper Berries…

And we added thyme, sage and ground pink peppercorns directly.  Bay leaves added whole so they are easy to remove later, but what to do with the juniper berries?

Genius, I tell you!  Genius, encapsulated…

Then we needed to choose a vessel.

Lentilla thought the Chinese bowl might confuse the anticipation of the taste buds, and I didn’t see the point of an egg cup sized serve.  The orange vessel we deemed to be a colour clash so the green teacups were chosen.   And, in the meantime, the chicken livers and mushrooms were simmering on the stovetop.  Lentilla tells me I should give quantities.  Well, I can do that, if I must.  For any given weight of chicken liver use half as much butter and add mushrooms to match the volume (not the weight) of the chicken liver.    I cheat with the pretty top adding some melted butter (set aside) it to the top of the pots at the end, but it’s not helt necessary, and Lentilla did not.  Here’s the first pot…

And.. on the plate…


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