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Chilli and yellow plum sauce.

Chilli sauce we made a few days ago putting chopped onion with butter to soften in a pan, adding chilli and over-ripe cherry tomatoes and simmering down with some red wine that needed something done with it.  This is how I cook.  I look around and see what is there.  Once the small pot of chilli sauce was made and cooled I spooned it into little cupcake paper pans.  There won’t be any cupcakes anymore, so it’s good to use them up.  Then, once frozen, they can all be stored in a big plastic box with a lid, in the freezer ready to be taken out whenever there is a need for chilli sauce.   This is better than jars.  With jars, there is almost always sugar involved.

To make the chilli and yellow plum sauce I heated one of these little serves of chilli sauce in a pan.  It melted quickly.  Then I took the soft flesh of the plum and  mashed into it the teaspoon or two of chilli sauce.  No need to heat the fruit.  There is some sugar in a plum, of course, but this was a small yellow plum, and served two only moments after being a fresh plump living fruit, so I think the little bit of sugar earned its keep.  Not so a commercial sauce of plum which is mostly sugar.



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