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Stovetop chicken and vegetable curry.

This stovetop curry featured free range chicken breast, carrots and mushrooms browned  in butter.    Towards the end I added fresh ginger and garlic smashed in a mortar and pestle.  No need to peel the ginger, and the garlic skins are easy to extract that way.   Tumeric and garam masala, and a little more butter were added before the small quantity of home made pork bone broth stock with additional flavours of bay leaf and cinnamon.  I added a leftover roast potato sliced fine, and just before serving I added crumbled non-salty fetta and fresh spinach.

Not pictured: The amazingly delicious Coconut and Raspberry Fudge.

This fudge looked adorable and had two ingredients; raspberries fresh from the garden, and pure coconut fat.  I melted the coconut fat in a pan, added it to the raspberries in a bowl and whizzied it together with a hand-held (stick) blender.  Then I poured the mixture into cupcake papers in small dishes and set it in the fridge for an hour or so.


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  Birgitta Höglund's Mat wrote @

Merry Christmas, Elsie 🙂

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