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Great niece has once again spoken.  Yes she is flippant and wemmly but she does fika.  Pleased I was to read her oyster confession earlier, that even in her worst semper she wasn’t afraid to take a knife to the rocks and eat an oyster.  And pleased I am to see her plondering over it some more.  I have saved this here in case it is helpful later when she starts shedding tears like a deggin-can for all the lost dogs and big-eyed calves of this world.

Kämsa!  Good luck  chewing through these logic eels;

@ Tony NZ

The reasoning was pretty complicated… I was a complicated girl, as you can see by my oyster exception clause… or maybe that was a flash of simplicity in an otherwise complicated scenario. Hmmmm. There were numerous permutations looking for a way to eat that i didn’t feel guilty about, over at least a decade, at least 8 or 9 different plans, and in the permutation of which we speak, in which I was avoiding dairy but still eating red meat (rabbit mostly), there were a few different factors involved. The ethical factors were as you suggest to do with factory farming, but even on pastured lands I felt the cows suffered so much in their transportation to the slaughterhouse (if they were male and when female and too old for milking) and then there are the conditions in the slaughterhouse as well. I believe in New Zealand there’s an option for on-site kill, which seems better to me. I’m not defending my reasoning by the way, and it changed, many times.

I still haven’t found a way of eating that I’m happy with but it is a lot easier now living as I do in the country (Southwest WA, Australia) with access to free range eggs from farmers I know and pastured meat from farmers I know. I’m eating dairy (and beef) anyway now despite my sadness about the transport conditions for the cows and the conditions in general at slaughterhouses.

So many years of my life spent thinking about this stuff! And in the end, my response basically is “Oh, well.”


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