Elsie Hogfat

Lagom Food. Lagom Philosophy.

Lovely Lentilla: Flickan som blödde näsblod..

“It’s always something… ” said the girl with the nosebleed.

So, Lentilla has had cravings today.  She was anxious and worried and pleased all at once because  Jimmy mentioned her at his blog, and she’s met up with some very special old friends, and she’s worried about what people will think of her, and she’s been working too hard and nobody understands her, and nobody really GETS her, and she’s met some new friends she really likes and what if they don’t like her etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc…

At least she didn’t try to argue the merits of anything she wanted to eat.

I gave her some vemodsbroed with lots of butter and cheese, and that kept her pretty quiet until dinner.


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