Elsie Hogfat

Lagom Food. Lagom Philosophy.

Allman ideas ….. lead to nothing. But Elsie Hogfat’s ideas will get you hale & batna.

So,  I see  Lentilla is in a flap about something again.  Some dumbhead has made a remark I imagine.  She’s always been too sensitive.   My doctor wasn’t sure which one of my nieces was Lentilla.   I tried to describe her so he might remember her, but my nieces are all quite similar looking girls.  Then I hit upon it.

I remembered and repeated what my old friend had said;

the one that always looks like she’s on the brink of tears“…

And of course he knew right up.

When I first arrived to stay with my lovely niece, Lentilla, I had expected her to be… not indolent, but certainly a little slow.    I had not expected all this constant gadda with pilates and yoga and off to the pool and back in time for aerobics.   At first I was surprised by how much Lentilla exercises, and I should admit, a bit put out.

When she invited me to stay with her on the understanding I might be able to help her get hale & batna, I had thought it might be a simple matter of taking a few more walks.  This is the trouble with allman ideas and assumptions.   They’re so comfortable.

People who don’t agree on any thing else will nevertheless dish out the same advice;

“Eat fresh fruit and vegetables and get plenty of exercise.”

Which must be frustrating to someone like Lentilla, and of course, nobody asks how many oranges Lentilla’s been forcing down her mug, or how many miles she’s been tramping or whatever else she’s been running about doing trying to be good.

Well, that’s all finished now.  The situation here is this;

You’ve always been a sad girl.  Now, I don’t know why that is.  Maybe all that soy bean you drank when you were a baby because you rejected your own dear mother’s milk and everything else those poor parents of yours tried to find for you.  Not that I’m blaming you, but you’ve never had a sturdy constitution.

Here’s a fact for us both to think on… we might be able to help you, we might not.   I do think it is worth a try.  And I’m glad to see you have started eating properly, at last.   I want you to give me 3 months.  Then we can see.   If you are hale & batna.

I have some ideas about your exercise too, which I’ll talk about soon.


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