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Breakfast. Don’t think about it.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.   So say we all.

Well, yes, in a way.  The idea that breakfast is the most important meal of the day is a  shibboleth.

This piece of received wisdom is presented as beyond question.   Stated as if Moses himself wrote it in stone.

And questioning the importance of breakfast is like pronouncing “shibboleth” as “sibboleth”; it reveals you to be from the enemy tribe.

The phrase “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” might also be a submission marker.  To reassure the dominant paradigm that the speaker is submissive to the dominant paradigm.   Watch people when they talk about breakfast.  Have you noticed a slightly glazed look in their eyes?  Well educated and intelligent doctors still genuflex before this doctrine.  Watch the circular logic that arises the moment anybody dares question the breakfast orthodoxy.

I say to you, Lovely Lentilla, don’t bother with breakfast.   My dear one, don’t even think about it!

If you are hungry, you may eat, of course, but don’t think about it.  That’s all I ask: don’t think about it.  Don’t try to be “good”.

Now, you like coffee, and so do I.  And we are lucky, you and I, because we both are in sympathy with coffee, and coffee will not harm us.  This is not the case for all people.  As I have explained.  So I suggest you wake up and do all the things you like to do.  You’ve always loved your mornings of coffee on an empty stomach.

I’ve noticed a pattern with you over the years.

Lentilla being “good” = Lentilla forcing down some processed wheat, corn or oats with soy milk and dried fruits.  Probably a big glass of orange juice.  You hated it.

Lentilla being “bad” = Coffee on an empty stomach.  Maybe leftovers, mid-morning, if hungry.

Of course you know now that Lentilla being “bad” was probably a lot  better than Lentilla being “good”.

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