Elsie Hogfat

Lagom Food. Lagom Philosophy.

Oats (III)

I should not have begun with oats!  And once having made the mistake, why did I then repeat it?

Oats is where it all ends, really… and in the meantime, I feel like a blaffer, telling tales on my lovely Lentilla.

I met an old friend the other day, and he asked about her.  He said;

“So how is Lovely Lentilla?  Wonderful girl.  It’s a pity she always looks as if she’s on the brink of tears.”

And I said, as is it the Luciolan customary response;

“Better to dam the brook than the fjord.”

She’s always struggled with sorrow.  When she was born to her wonderful mother, she rejected even her mother’s milk.  It took weeks before some suitable food was found for her.  They tried cow’s milk and goat.   The soya bean was the only food she could take.  That powdered “milk” is what she lived on.  I don’t know why she couldn’t drink milk from her mother like a natural child.  I was very glad that as soon as possible her mother fed her freshly minced meat, and I’m told she loved it, so perhaps that ameliorated the damage somewhat.   You can be sure that whatever strength she does have in her constitution it is a result of the devotion and intelligence of her mother and father.  They lived on a farm.  Once she was able to eat solid food, her early childhood diet was wonderful.  There was no access to supermarkets so many evils were avoided.  No orange juice.  No bakery.  They ate  meat from the farm; and they cooked with animal fats.  There was an abundant ocean nearby and her father understood it.   They kept hens.  Goats.  Perhaps they had a milker cow, or there was one down the road.  This is just how they lived.  They ate fruit that was in season, and they bottled fruit and made jam.  It’s true they ate too many sweets of the flour-based English kind that are terrible for the teeth and health in general, but at least they ate them with great helpings of fresh cream.  That would have reduced the damage.

They ate oats.  Of course they ate oats!  A bag of oats would feed a family breakfast all winter but they ate bacon and eggs as well.  It was a pretty good diet.


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