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Oats (I)

This post is somewhat difficult for me to write.

Here’s what I can say with ease…

Oats are wonderful and make for great horses, and men!  Oats assist with regularity.  Oats help a girl through winter.

I love oats.  I eat them for breakfast, in the dark, with butter and salt and I usually want to go and chop wood afterwards.

Alas, my lovely, my lovely Lentilla girl, I cannot condone your eating of oats.

I have seen the virtuous little brown paper bags you have.  Steel-cut even, you have procured,  in the hope I will make an exception.

I sincerely hope that you will be able to eat oats one day, once your blood has wised up… but your blood is too mercurial for oats, yes, even oats, right now.

I am sorry.   I hope it will change in time.


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