Elsie Hogfat

Lagom Food. Lagom Philosophy.


Other times, other customs…

In preparation for long voyages we would make ship’s biscuits we called Vemodsbroed .  We made them in the shape of  flat discs, with a centre hole, for easy storage.   These were not delicious items of food, but they were made bearable by the addition of butter and cheese.  Aboard ship, we all worked hard, and our bodies demanded energy.  As is the rule of ships, everyone must pull their weight.  All equipment and stores must also give a high yield or benefit in comparison to their weight and volume.  These hard, densely packed ship’s biscuits fitted the criteria and were excellent filler for the hungry crew.

Fortunately for my long term health, I was handy with a line and a net and a basket, and the cook’s favourite, so it was often the case that I was too full from a secret fish breakfast to need much of my share of Vemodsbroed.  In general I do not recommend this kind of food.  It is less harmful when it is eaten with plenty of lovely clean fat (like butter).  It is also less harmful when the body is working hard the way we worked on the ships; that is; a lot of lying about and then all of a sudden a bustle and a flurry.

Now I am a lady of independent means and I may eat what I choose.  I shouldn’t miss ship’s biscuit, but I do miss those times.  How quickly they passed!   I  remember fondly the pleasant CRUNCH of the Vemodsbroed and contrast of cheese, butter and biscuit, the salt spray, the deep blue, the horizon… and I think about how quickly Lovley Lentilla grew from a sweet babe to womanhood, and what it means to be the last of the Hogfats, and then I find myself very much fancying a champ on a Vemodsbroed.


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