Elsie Hogfat

Lagom Food. Lagom Philosophy.

Mashed philosophy.

I have watched Lovely Lentilla’s diet with great interest and concern throughout her life.  So you might think I have talked about my concerns?  No.    I am a smart, smart cookie; I said not a word.

Sometimes Lovely Lentilla would try to interest me in whatever miss the mark, off the ship philosophy she was swallowing that particular moment.   I would quickly (too quickly!) agree but be sure to look very distracted as if I was wondering where I left my hanker and that way, she couldn’t take my agreement as considered endorsement.  When I thought she was receptive, for example a few weeks into a new way of eating with the initial burst of enthusiasm and confidence waning… I would lead by example and heartily enjoy whatever good food was currently off the menu, and praise its qualities and be sure to quickly follow that up with a demonstration of my fitness, agility and constant good humour.

Lovely Lentilla’s dietary beliefs were of course the usual tragic mish mash.  I have catalogued them, and intend to discuss each of the various malign forces of reason at work in forming her beliefs, later.


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