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Oranges are not the only fruit.

It is better to have tuppence in your hand than a pitchfork in your foot, so I should admit that I will eat oranges on occasion.

For Gimmie Mootley sometimes we would be given treats, like oranges, and my Uncle Trowkig  liked them very much.

So that’s one thing.

But here’s another… juice.

What are you thinking with that?    Here are two things I would rather you consume than a big glass of orange juice;

1.  A bottle of good (dry)  red wine

2.  A small glass of orange juice.

In other words … stay away from orange juice.

If you have a very healthy metabolism and are working hard, you might like to eat a little orange occasionally.

I don’t recommend it, but it is acceptable for some.  If you must, and this is one way I have enjoyed it at times in my life when I have been working hard; it is good as a side dish to a spicy curry.

Finely chopped orange flesh with some raisins or finely chopped dates and dessicated coconut, left for several hours so the coconut and dried fruit absorb the juice.

Be moderate!  This is a side dish, just one big tablespoon size serve is enough.

If you, like Lovely Lentilla, have a broken metabolism, as a result of years of blue-eyed and sentimental eating habits such as vegetarianism, then stay the hell away from oranges.

If you have an orange tree, cut it down.  Really, there are far too many in the world already.

If you can’t bear to cut it down, at least give it a really serious prune.  With any luck your orange tree will prove to be a graft, and the original vigorous root stock might have a chance to assert itself.

If you are lucky it might be a bush lemon or sour orange… both a good deal more useful than some sickly sweet breakfast juice version.

While you’re in the garden, plant a lemon tree or three.  And two different types of lime.  A cumquat.  You may plant a grapefruit also, if you wish.

But stay the hell away from oranges.

No?  You can’t bear to do it?  You too are mawky like Lovely Lentilla?

Okay …  so, here are some three things I don’t mind you do with an orange.

1.  You can give them to your hens.

They won’t like them.  Smart hens.  The oranges will go mouldy and rot.  Useful grubs will come and the hens will eat the grubs.

2.  You can stick cloves in them and make pomanders (oranges with cloves stuck in them) … to give as Gimme Mootley gifts.

These make a room smell wonderful.

3.  You can cut the tops off them, neatly peel them and make pretty pieces of peel, or sticks of peel, then cook briefly in water, dry and dip in melted chocolate*.

Very nice.

* I will discuss chocolate at some point soon



  kseverny wrote @

tis is some interesting informatvon

  lovelylentilla wrote @

Thank you kseverny… I must check out your blog.

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