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Coffee. Fit for a Hog.

There are three types of people.  Those who may drink all the  coffee they like, those who best limit to one, and those who should stay away from coffee.

Fortunately for me, I may drink all the coffee I like.  I would very much hate to be so very troky as to have to say ney to coffee.

Coffee wakes me up in the morning, but it puts me to sleep at night.  This is nothing to do with me physically.   People do keep looking for explanations for these facts in the wrong places.

I may take as much coffee as I wish for the fact is that I am kin to coffee, and coffee is kin to me.  Coffee knows me and likes me and behaves itself with me.  This is coffee’s choice, not the person’s choice.  I think it might be because my first meeting with coffee was so lovely that coffee took a shine to me.  I remember the evening well.  I had swum out from a coral garden, out to a prawn trawler, and the crew were pleased to see me.  One of them had just put an Italien espresso device on the stovetop, and the aroma was wonderful.  He was very handsome.  I believe, upon tasting my first coffee, served in a small enamel cup, I said;

“Glory to Hog, that is MIGHTY FAT.”

Others might have been rude to coffee upon their first introduction.  Perhaps they thought “oh, this is bitter!” … no need to say it aloud.   Coffee is sensitive.  Sometimes coffee will forgive such bad manners, but often not.

I say to you, if you had a bad meeting with coffee, best to stick to green tea.  Coffee can hold a grudge.

If that is the case for you, I do indeed pity you, for how are you going to get your daily cream?


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